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Transcript of Video:

Welcome to Site Steps! Today we’ll be looking at two ways to install the free Astra theme to your WordPress site, as well as use the starter templates that are available with Astra.

Now this is important. If you already have content such as blog posts up on your site, please be careful when installing and uninstalling new themes as not doing this process properly can cause your website to look completely different than you may have intended or even result in the loss of your settings or data.

It is very important that you have an up-to-date backup of all your WordPress Data before you attempt to change themes to your site.

Now with that out of the way let’s go ahead and install Astra!

First you’ll want to log into your WordPress site and click on “appearances,” then go down to themes. You’ll click on “add new theme” and you can search for Astra if it is not already on the first page.

Next, you will click on “install” and then once that has installed you will click on “activate.”

With this theme, you will see that when you go to customize, that it is very plain and boring; there’s just a simple skeleton of the theme. You can work on customizing it from here, but Astra offers ready to import templates that can make this process a lot simpler.

These templates are only compatible with the Astra theme, however.

To do this, you’re going to click on plugins, add new, and then search for Astra starter.

Then click on install now and then activate. When you go back to the plugins page under starter templates, click on “see library.” You’ll see this welcome video pop up, and go ahead and click on “build your website now.”

We’ll go over the different page builders in another video, but for now click on the WordPress block editor. Now you have the option to browse through all the different templates that are available. They even have split them into categories like blog or e-commerce to make it a little bit simpler.

Today I’m going to choose this one called “travel blog.” When I click on it, I can see a preview of what my site would look like.

Here we see the homepage and the call to action at the end. When we click on the blog page, you can see how the blog post would be listed. And clicking on the about page, they have another call to action and frequently asked questions. Then finally by clicking on the destinations page, you can see how the blog is laid out by category.

You have the option to upload a logo, but if you don’t have one simply click on Skip and Continue.

The next page offers some customization options. You can change the group of colors and fonts in this page.

After you import the template, you can adjust these colors later in the customizer section.

So as you can see, when I click on the various color options, certain elements of my site will change. The same thing will occur when I click on “change fonts.”

Once you’re done editing the options, click continue.

You don’t have to enter in your first name or email in this section; it is optional. But the important thing to notice is the advanced options. Check the selections that you want and click on submit and build my website.

It’ll take a moment for this to process and install on our site, so while we’re waiting please click that like button and subscribe for more help with your website.

Once the template has been imported, you’ll see a congratulations video. Click on the link at the top that says “view your website.”

Now your site should look like this if you imported the content and layout.

If you want to look at other options within Astra, just go to appearance, and then scroll down to Astra options.

You’ll see the links to the customizer settings and a list of more options available with Astra Pro. Scroll down to see more plug-in options available for your site.

If you are interested in any of the Astra pro options available, I will include a link below for you to check them out. Okay so now we’re going to install Astra a different way.

Now we’re going to go to Astra’s website wpastra.com and click on download.

Now beneath the prices listed for the pro version, you’ll see additional links to compare Astra free versus pro, and beneath that you’ll see a link that says download free Astra theme. Click on that.

The pop-up box will ask you to put your name and email address in before downloading, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now.

And you’ll notice that the download will appear as a zip file.

Okay so now we’re going to go back to WordPress and under appearance, select themes, and then click the upload theme button at the top of the page.

Next you’ll click on choose file and select the Astra zip file that you just downloaded. Don’t extract the file before uploading. Then click on install now.

Once the installation is complete, you can click on activate for the theme to go live on your site.

Now just like we did in method number one, you can install the starter templates and then click activate once it has been installed. And then click on see library.

This time I’m going to switch it up and choose one of their e-commerce options. This one looks good, so I’m going to go ahead and click Skip and Continue. And modify my font options here. Then click submit and build my website.

Now when we go back to the site it will look like this.

If you are looking for more website help with your blog, be sure to check out my new free ebook in the link below, Website and Blogging Basics, and if this video helped you be sure to check out the next one.

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