So You Want to Start a Blog…

But are overwhelmed with the technical side of things? Want to build a website for your small business, but don’t know where to start?

Hey everyone, I’m Kimberly. I have a masters degree and educational background in professional writing and website development, and I make content to help new bloggers navigate the world of website creation.

Allow me to take you through Site Steps, a blog and YouTube channel designed with you a brand new blogger— in mind! Learn how to create and maintain your website following step-by-step tutorials.

Recent Blog Posts

  • How to Create a Landing Page on ConvertKit
    Once you’ve created an account, login and click on Grow at the top of the page, then click on landing pages and forms. On the next page, click on Create a landing page. It’ll take you to a page where you can look through and choose a template design to start from. You can select either preview to view the template or click choose if you are ready to select that particular template.
  • How to Use Astra Global Settings
    To get to the global options for Astra, you can either select customize at the top of the web page itself if you are previewing it, or if you are in the WordPress dashboard you can click on appearance and then customize. Once you’re in the customize section, scroll down to global.
  • Create an Email Address on GreenGeeks Hosted Site
    Having an email address associated with your domain can give your blog or business a more professional presence, but how do you set it up with GreenGeeks hosting? Choose the Domain Once you have logged into your GreenGeeks account, click on cPanel, located beneath …

    Create an Email Address on GreenGeeks Hosted Site Read More »

  • Legal Pages for Your Blog
    As a new blogger, when I first started out three years ago, I came across Amira’s website. I was relieved to find these legal page templates were written by not just a business lawyer, but someone with real experience in the blogging world.
  • How to Install Astra (FREE THEME) on WordPress
    Today we’ll be looking at two ways to install the free Astra theme to your WordPress site, as well as use the starter templates that are available with Astra.
  • How to Install WordPress on a DreamHost Hosted Site
    To start installing WordPress on your DreamHost site, what you’re going to do is log in to your DreamHost panel and click on Websites to the left. A drop-down menu will appear, and then you’ll click on Manage Websites.

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